CreaKids by Dibber Khalifa City

CreaKids by Dibber: A World-Class Nursery for Children

#1 Norwegian Education Company
With 600 Nurseries & Schools in 10 countries including the UAE with centers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

“Our goal is for all children to be seen, heard and taken care of. This is how our whole pedagogical concept has come to be. With playful learning, interaction, and mastery, we will give the children a basis to develop.”

At CreaKids, we recognize the importance of play and work to ensure that we provide creative and engaging play opportunities for all children. Our aim is to encourage children to master skills and foster learning in ways that are both well planned for and also take advantage of incidental ‘in the moment’ opportunities.

Our learning environment has been created with children in mind – children are encouraged to make choices and become independent learners in safe and supported manner. Our well- resourced classrooms contain age and stage appropriate furniture and equipment for the children to use. We also believe it is important for them to learn how to look after the items that they use every day – so this is built into the learning that we do!

Our highly qualified and experienced team ensure that children are engaged in exciting hands on learning that promotes their development and allows for memories to be made!

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AED 12,300
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45 days - 6 months
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