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ICSE: A Quick Overview

  • The ICSE is a globally recognized board governed by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).
  • Known for its broad syllabus, the ICSE offers a variety of subjects.
  • Delivering core instructions in the English language, the ICSE does not encourage other languages as the main subject.
  • Focusing on practical knowledge, the ICSE requires more project and lab work.

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Main Benefits of an ICSE Education

1. International Recognition – Students who would want to study at a foreign university have an advantage because the ICSE gives a strong foundation for higher studies abroad. In addition, many universities recognize the ICSE. An ICSE certificate is now accepted by several institutions abroad as equivalent to high school examination in foreign countries.

2. Comprehensive, Balanced Content – Providing a wide yet in-depth syllabus, the ICSE offers an education that is equal to other premier foreign educational programs. It offers an equal weight to arts, language, and humanities while also focusing on math and science concepts. This results in a more holistic and balanced education. In addition, ICSE uses English as the main medium of education, giving students an edge when applying for higher education abroad.

3. Practical Learning & Assessment – Requiring students to explore beyond textbooks, the ICSE syllabus allows learners to gain enriching, hands-on experiences and have practical insights into concepts taught inside the classroom. Through this approach, students become more familiar with the real world and current events. In addition, a significant weight is given to research, group assignments, project work, and internal assessment. This gives students the opportunity to prove their ability and understanding not just in examinations.

4. Strong Foundation – With an intentional attempt to prioritize quality over quantity in content, the ICSE encourages students to have diverse interests and develop a curious and analytical learning approach. Over the years, the ICSE methodology has evolved to focus on a well-rounded, active education system instead of a typical, one-way information transfer. This elevated the quality and standard of the ICSE system, giving students a solid foundation for higher studies abroad and personal career paths.

5. Grading System – With a marking system that is in absolute numbers, the ICSE shows students exactly how they are performing. This helps students to decide how much time they should allot to studying each of their subjects.

Some Tips When Choosing an ICSE School

To know which ICSE school is best for your child, you may want to find out rankings in examinations and extracurricular activities, the successes of school alumni, and the look of the school and their facilities. You may also want to learn more about what is offered outside the classroom, such as types of sports or other educational activities.

Discover the Best ICSE School in Dubai

With a global approach, a focus on strong, quality content, and other advantages, the ICSE offers a great educational program. It’s no surprise that it has become the choice of many families for their children. By studying in one of the ICSE schools in Dubai, your child will develop confidence no matter where the real world takes him.

When it comes to the educational path of our children, it takes time and effort to research schools, curriculums, and examinations. To make the process easier for you, we’ve made a list of the top ICSE schools in Dubai. For each school, we’ve provided important information such as ages accepted and annual fees. You can also check out each school’s Virtual Tour for more information and to get a glimpse of the school.