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School Fees in Dubai

Taking into consideration the economic situation and the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, school fees in Dubai for 2020-2021 are at the same level as in the year 2019-2020. With the arrival of many new schools in the Dubai education scene as well as the greater competition for students particularly at higher-fee schools, the last two years have also seen more school fee discounts compared to previous years.

Due to the increased competition between schools, Dubai schools are presently offering different incentives to join them. These include scholarships, founder discounts, sibling discounts, and discounts on fees that are sensitive to market conditions.

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Considerations to Get the Best Value for School Fees

We all want to send our children to the best possible school we can afford so they will be happy, comfortable, and well taken care of. We pay the cost to give our kids the best, and naturally we want to be sure we are getting the best value for the school fees we pay. However, the fact is higher school fees don’t always translate to higher quality educational experiences. Here are some insights and questions to ask to ensure you are getting top value for school fees.

1. Explanation of Fee Increase –If there was a recent increase in school fees, did the school give you an explanation? If yes, did it make sense to you? Many schools could assume parents won’t mind spending a few more thousands in addition to the already paid fees and thus give no details to the increase. As a parent, it is your right to know and ask questions.

2. Utilization of High Level Solutions & Technology – Many schools today have higher standards compared to the past years. Schools that make use of high level solutions and technology justify the cost of their fees because it exposes students to technology and prepares them for an increasingly more digital world.

3. Training & Care for School Staff – Are the school staff given training to better care for them and to develop their teaching skills? Teachers and staff should gain benefits from school fee increases. Staff that are well taken care of will also be happier and teach and relate with students better.

4. Added Value to the Educational Experience – Some schools offer extracurricular activities like swimming or karate, while others take students out for field trips and excursions. Whether it’s educational travel or simple addition of meals to each school day, added value should appear in your child’s educational experience.
Consider these points because no one should pay for service without getting the value for their hard-earned money’s worth.

Preparing for School Fees and Expenses

School fees demand a huge slice from every family’s budget. Thus it is important to be analyzed when you manage your finances. This allows more effective preparation for future school expenses that can come as a surprise. Aside from the basic fee structure inclusions, additional school expenses should be budgeted for. One way to do this is to create a list of all foreseen school fees and expenses. Check out the following factors to list down:

1. School Fees – Many schools require enrollment fees, reservation fees, or particular down payments to get your child started for each school year. Check in with the school so you can prepare and save in advance. You might also want to explore flexible payment options when it comes to tuition fees.

2. School Supplies – Books, laboratory equipment, and other supplies will most likely be included in school fees. These are essential to your child’s education and academic performance.

3. Uniforms – If your child’s school requires school uniforms, you must set aside a budget for it particularly at the beginning of the school year.

4. Transportation – Another additional cost to list down are school bus fees or public transportation costs.

5. Meals and Snacks – Some schools offer daily lunches and this needs to be factored in your budget. If you plan to prepare your kid’s lunches and snacks at home to help you save, it will still need to be considered in your monthly or weekly budget.

6. Field Trips, Camps, and Similar Activities – A lot of school field trips are required and are an essential part of your child’s school program. For older students, camps are also common activities.

7. Extra Lessons – You may need to spend on tutorials depending on your child’s development. To develop your child’s interests and hobbies, consider also the fees of music lessons, art lessons, dance lessons, and the like.

Getting Financial Help

If you feel that your family cannot afford to pay the total cost of your child’s school fees, you can consider getting financial help. This can come from the government, outside organizations, or the school itself. To determine your financial aid eligibility, you need to submit an application form as well as financial statements. Remember to meet application deadlines for the upcoming school year.

Discover the Best Dubai School That Will Give You the Most Value

When it comes to the educational path of our children, it takes time and effort to do the research and determine which is the best for your child, considering the costs and your budget. To make the process easier for you, we’ve made a list of Dubai schools with important information such as annual fees. You can also check out each school’s Virtual Tour for more information and to get a glimpse of the school.